Good Instagram accounts brighten your feed and leave you feeling inspired. While we follow plenty of pomade accounts, there are a select few that own the platform, crafting post after post of stunning images accompanied by memorable captions.

We’ve carefully selected these 5 pomade company Instagram handles for their originality. Give them a follow for one slick Instagram feed.

Big Slick Pomade Co. (@bigslickpomadeco)

Both aesthetically on point and personal, Big Slick Pomade Co.’s Instagram handle is a direct reflection of the company’s founders, Vincent and Magdalena O’Connell, who are incredibly down to earth. In addition to sweet styled product shots, no one does behind-the-scenes better than Big Slick Pomade Co. From experimentation to formulate new pomades to counters lined with just-poured hair grease, you see everything that goes into the making of the finished product – early morning coffee runs included.

Every photo stays true to the brand’s nostalgic casino culture look.

Another reason to give them a follow? Special edition pomades – like Devil’s Punch, which just came out for Halloween – are announced first on Instagram.

If you like what you see, find out more about the company by checking out our interview with Magdalena.

TGIF 🤘🏼 #lookslick

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Byrd Hair (@byrdhair)

There are so many reasons why we love Byrd Hair’s Instagram account, but let’s start with the obvious – the seriously sick photos. Surf, sun, and babes mingle with throwbacks to California surf culture in the 1960s, and product shots are always on point. Plus, the copious amounts of yellow (Byrd’s signature color) are sure to cheer up your Instagram feed.

Cheeky captions and behind-the-scenes action at events compliment this stylish Instagram account.

Bona Fide Pomade (@bonafidepomade)

All the cool kids use Bona Fide pomade, and it shows on their account. Mini greasers-in-the-making, chef Michael Voltaggio, and even Robert Patrick from Sons of Anarchy make an appearance. In addition to celebrity cameos, you’ll find hairstyle inspiration and tips and tricks on how to use Bona Fide’s products.

The account offers insider access, taking you inside company events and field trips.

Layrite (@layriteofficial)

Layrite’s Instagram account is full of fun takeaways. The company doesn’t take itself too seriously on Instagram, making for one hilarious feed. From Monday hair inspiration courtesy of Billy Ray Cyrus’ infamous mullet to barber memes, you’re sure to LOL.

The Lord of Layrite, Donnie Hawley, shows up every now and then, usually for a throwback post where he shares stories from his long history as a barber. (A recent throwback post featured Hawley with his friend Jim Heath of The Reverend Horton Heat, showing off Layrite’s musical roots.)

Keeping it real, Layrite frequently reposts photos from its massive fan base.

Reuzel (@reuzel)

Like Schorem’s main Instagram account, Reuzel, the Netherland barbershop’s pomade line, is a pun-loving, uncensored, rollicking good time. Plus this account plays with inventive hashtags (#LordOfTheLard, #NotoriousPIG, #PigsInSpace, #CombTheFuckDown) that invite fans to participate in worship of the lard.

As a pig is the centerpiece of the Reuzel pomade tin, piggies overrun the Instagram account in the cutest way possible.

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