Thanks to Instagram, a number of barbershops and the barbers who preside over them have become celebrities in their own right, with a cult fan base.

The following five Instagram accounts are barbershops we follow on our own account. Some of them are internationally known; others are simply unique. Over time, they’ve consistently delivered humor, advice, stunning photos, and behind-the-scenes action you won’t find anywhere else.

The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried.. #barbershop #neversatisfied #Storyofmylife

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Old Town Barbershop (@oldtownbarbers)

Location: Monrovia, CA

The traditional barbershop is sadly becoming an endangered species as chains and boutique salons proliferate. Old Town Barbershop in Monrovia, CA is not going anywhere soon, though. This traditional barbershop has been holding it down for 21 years as a community water hole – some of their clients have been with them since the beginning!

Old Town Barbershop’s Instagram feed is a delight. Photos of this charming throwback barbershop mingle with shots of the barbers working on their clients, usually featuring an uplifting, thoughtful caption. Because the owners are big fans of collecting vintage barbering memorabilia, you’ll see cool finds like a 1940s lather machine (still in use) or an old collection of straight razors.

Expect adorable appearances by the shop dog, a shih tzu named Papas.

Nakameguro Shop!!! 本日も通常通り、22時までの営業となっております。 明日日曜は20時までの営業となりますのでご予約の際はお気をつけ下さいませ。 皆様のお越しを心よりお待ちしております。 よろしくお願い致します。 _ ◼︎MR.BROTHERS CUT CLUB Harajuku 2-31-8,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 03-6721-1774 ◼︎MR.BROTHERS CUT CLUB Nakameguro 2-13-7,Kamimeguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo 03-5724-3308 #mrbrotherscutclub #mrbrothers #barber #barberstyle #reuzel #thebarberella #mizutani #barberconnect #barberlife #barbershop #wahl #wahljpn #stylist #hairstyle #menshair #mensfashion #grooming #shave #fade #pride #mustache #beard #classic #vintage #hair #cut #haircut #tokyo #japan

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Mr. Brothers Cut Club (@mr.brothers_cutclub)

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo and Meguro, Tokyo

If the cool, artsy kids at your school opened up a barbershop, this is how it would look like. Close friends of Schorem, Mr. Brothers Cut Club is an old school, steampunk barbershop with two locations in Tokyo. The principal barbers – Julian, Kenshi, and Miyamoto – all rock perfectly twizzled mustaches and goatees for a signature look that has gained the barbershop international recognition. In fact, on Mr. Brothers Cut Club’s feed you’ll see customers from all around the world stop in for a cut.

In addition to their favorite customer cuts, the boys post scenes from around the shop, rowdy special events (which they have regularly), and shenanigans on their international tours. Plus, these guys have serious style game – they’ve even been featured in fashion magazines.

The gatekeeper. #virile #barbershop #barber #shopdog #jerseycity #waldwick

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Virile Heart & Heritage (@virile)

Location: Waldwick, NJ and Jersey City, NJ

When we think Virile Heart & Heritage, we think classic barbershop. This barbershop takes a pure, uncomplicated approach to grooming. Even their Instagram bio is simple: “Grooming | Barbering | NJ.” Beautiful photos of the handsome shop and its vintage barbershop chairs mix with candid moments of the staff having fun and goofing around. The feed also features vintage items for sale that owner Adam collects in his spare time, including a pair of etched brass ashtrays made in India, and a complete ‘60s bowling set.

Shop dogs Aiden and Chunk frequently drop in on the feed to perk up your day.

Like what you see? Learn more about Virile Heart & Heritage and Adam, the creative and hardworking founder, by checking out our interview with him.

Scissor and Bone (@scissorandbone)

Location: Orem, Utah

Upon first glance, Scissor and Bone’s Instagram feed seems to be nothing but hairstyle portraits. But take the time to read the captions and you will be richly rewarded. Talley, the owner of the shop, emphasizes the importance of a barber to not only cut and style a client’s hair so it looks good when they leave the shop, but to also teach the client how to style his own hair so it looks good day to day. So underneath each black and white portrait of a client’s hairstyle you’ll discover tips on what advice to seek from your barber, how to work with your unique hair texture, and how to find a style that flatters your face.

Talley takes his photos with care using a Fujifilm x-100t, making for a clean feed that’s easy on the eyes.

Blind Barber, East Village.

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Blind Barber (@blindbarber)

Location: East Village (NY), Brooklyn (NY), Barneys Downtown (NY), and Culver City (CA)

This airy, bright white barbershop has a fun little secret: a nondescript door that leads to a dimly lit speakeasy in the back, adorned with wood paneling and lined with leather booths. Blind Barber’s Instagram feed captures both sides of this barbershop/cocktail bar. Professionally shot, curated photos show the interiors of all 4 Blind Barber locations (3 in New York, 1 in L.A.) and the ultra hip barbers and bartenders who guard the gates. The account takes you behind the scenes of the founders’ travels to barber conventions and glitzy events.

Every now and then you’ll catch a glimpse of Blind Barber’s own line of grooming products, which we carry here at

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